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zovhon chamd

kino bolon nom

bid 2
heregtei holboosuud
minii hayag
zurag /minii busgui bas bi/
zurag /naizuud/
uzel bodol
kino bolon nom
hiij bgaa

On this page I'll write reviews of the movies I see and books I read. I might use a format similar to this for my reviews.

Movie Reviews

American Pie

This is an awesome movie about a group of kids in high school. I guarantee you'll laugh a lot, especially at the scene with the apple pie.
-Posted 4/15/01

Book Reviews

Life Belts, by Jane Hosie-Bounar

This is an excellent book about the friendship of two teenage girls. It felt really true-to-life and has a very moving ending.
-Posted 1/15/01

Ertronzod togsgol gej baidag bol tuunees zaash ch bi chamaig hairalsaar baih bolno.